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Breast Augmentation

Over your lifetime, the size and shape of your breasts change.  Breast Augmentation is the only way to increase your breast size…long-term. 

Over your lifetime, the size and shape of your breasts change.  Breast Augmentation is the only way to increase your breast size…long-term. 
There are many reasons women talk to us about having breast implants - a desire to have larger breasts and cleavage, to return to pre-pregnancy shape, to regain a figure altered by cancer or some other trauma – or just to turn back the clock a few years and regain a more youthful, proportioned look. Ideally breasts are firm and full in shape.  They should be balanced in size relative to each other – and in relation to the rest of your body. 
A woman’s most feminine attributes are her breasts.


  1.  Improved size, shape & projection of your breasts
  2.  Improved self-esteem/confidence (say many of our patients)
  3.  Better proportion, balance and symmetry – more youthful looking
  4.  Greater satisfaction with overall body image
  5.  Ability to make better fashion choices
  6.  Feeling happier when looking into the mirror
  7.  Getting the breasts you’ve lost over time – or never had
  8.  Immediate and long-lasting, natural looking results
  9.  A wide array of new, advanced, more natural implants


Over one-half million women choose to have breast augmentation – every year.  Breast surgery is a highly personalized and rewarding decision.

Today, the plastic surgeons are able to offer their patients a wide array of implants from which to choose.  Saline and Silicone implants are safe, effective and dramatically improved in the last few years. During your consultation, you will be given complete information on today’s implants, which will enable you to make a smart, educated decision.
Ideally younger women with smaller, but otherwise attractive breasts are excellent candidates - along with women of any age who desire larger, more proportioned breasts for various reasons.  You should be in otherwise good health and have realistic expectations.  You need to understand that “body types” can limit the size of the implant that is workable.  During your personal consultation, the doctor will determine what’s best for you and will tailor your surgery to meet your needs and realistic goals.
Your surgeon should invest the time to sit down and talk to you face-to-face during your consultation.  our doctor always listens carefully to each of his patients – every time. 

The initial consultation with your surgeon is critical!  It should always be face to face with your surgeon during which time he/she listens closely to your concerns.  The plastic surgeon believes this time spent with you is critical to both you and to him.  It is during the consultation that he comes to fully understand your concerns, evaluates them correctly and is then able to make the recommendations and develop the surgery/treatment plan that is right for you. 
There are a number of incision options as well as 2 placement options.  They are:

  1.  Inframammary Incision – placed in the fold under the breast is the most common method.
  2.  Axillary Incision – is made in the armpit and requires use of an endoscope for the implant placement.
  3.  Periareolar Incision – involves making the incision in the dark skin surrounding the nipple and inserting the implant through it.
  4.  Umbilical Incision – utilizes an endoscope to insert the implant through an incision in the belly button. 

Implant Placement can be subglandular meaning it is placed over the pectoral muscle or it can besubmuscular which involves placing the implant below both the pectoral muscle and the overlying breast tissue.
You will wake up from surgery wearing a support bra and may have tubes in your incisions to help drain off excess fluid for a day or so.  Some discomfort is normal and to be expected but can easily be managed with oral pain medication.  Most of our patients return to work within a week or so – and your breast shape begins to settle within six weeks or longer. Soreness and stiffness goes away over a few days.

What is Breast Augmentationt?
it is a surgery designed to enlarge your breasts using implants (saline or silicone) to achieve a better-proportioned, more flattering figure.  The implants can be placed either above the pectoral muscle or below it – depending upon the type of implant used and the surgeon will choice for you.
What Type of Implants Are Used Today?
Saline (salt water) implants as well as Silicone implants are both used today – safely and effectively to achieve natural looking, long lasting results.  The one that is right for you is based upon several factors and will be determined during your personal consultation.
How is Implant Size Determined
The many types and size of implants available today allow for excellent choices in determining the right implant size.
Where Will My Surgery Be Performed?
it is performed in a state-of-the-art surgical center that is certified and fully equipped with the most advanced technologies available today. 
Will My Breasts Stay as They Are After Surgery?
Your implant surgery will have long-lasting results – but breasts will continue to change over time with aging, changes in skin elasticity, hormonal factors and other reasons. The patients enjoy many years of long-lasting results after their breast augmentation surgeries.
What About Anesthesia?
In general, general anesthesia will be used during your surgery – so you will remain totally comfortable throughout your procedure.

How Will I Feel After Surgery? 
Your breasts will ache for 2-3 days – and some soreness, stiffness and swelling is normal and to be expected.  This all subsides over a few days but is easily managed with oral pain medication if needed.
When Can I Return to Work and Other Activities?
Most of our patients are able to return to work within 1 week, but you will need to avoid strenuous activities during your recovery/healing period.  Avoid lifting, reaching and straining for the first week. You must keep your elbows at waist level during this time period also. After 2 -3 days you may resume walking or riding a stationary bike.  Full exercise can be resumed in about 4 weeks.  You will need to sleep on your back for 1-2 weeks after surgery – or until the doctor tells you otherwise.
How Long Will I Need to Wear The Support Bra? 
Usually for the 1 week after surgery – then we’ll advise you on what bra is acceptable to Wear.



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