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Obesity Surgery

Obesity Surgeries

 One of the available and globally well-known operations to reduce weight is: gastric banding, gastric by-bass, gastric sleeve, Intra-Gastric Balloon and others. we, at Renova clinics, prefer the gastric sleeve surgery for many reasons


Obesity Surgeries Unit:

 One of the available and globally well-known operations to reduce weight is: gastric banding, gastric by-bass, gastric sleeve, Intra-Gastric Balloon and others. we, at Renova clinics, prefer the gastric sleeve surgery for many reasons:

Gives excellent results, i.e. 80% loss of excess weight within one year - one year and six months.     

More patients not need vitamins and herbal supplements on the long run.              

Unlikelihood to cause gastric adhesion or metabolism problems.              

Not leaving any strange objects inside the body that may need to be removed in the near future such as balloon or banding.      

 The gastric sleeve operation is a completely safe and secure, during which we take all medical precautions to avoid any medical issues to happen.             


Lately, there are many commercials about the fast loss weight devices, which are different in their names; however, they have the same idea: inefficiency and high costs, causing frustration to many patients due to spending high amounts on these useless sessions.       We, at our clinics, follow the state-of-the-art techniques used in Obesity and also rank a global prestigious position in endoscopy-based Obesity, matching with these techniques used in the modern Obesity clinics in US, Canada, and Europe.

The obesity unit assesses the patient medically and psychologically. The patient is examined by elite of obesity surgery consultants with Canadian Fellowship.

What is the obesity?

    Obesity is an excess of body fat than the normal level. It increases the likelihood of heart risks, diabetes and also high pressure. The people having overweight greatly expose to have weight-associated health diseases. The good news for those patients is that we can, by using the available techniques, improve or prevent those overweight-related diseases to happen and you can lose this excess weight by obesity surgery operation we conduct.

Obesity Symptoms:     The obesity can be diagnosed if the Body Mass Index (BMI) equals 30 or above.

MBI- Weight status

 18.5 Under the normal limit     18.5- 24.9 Normal     25- 29.9 Excess weight     30 and above Fatness     40 and above Obesity


MBI is calculated by dividing a person’s weight in kilograms by his or her height in meters squared. To set an example, if a person's weight is 100 kg and his or her height is 1 meter and 60 cm, then MBI will be 39 (100/1.60*1.60).

Causes of Obesity:

    Despite genetics and hormones changes affects the weight, the obesity can happen when body gets more calories than it loses by exercises and daily life.     Your body stores these excess calories in accumulated way forming fats. The obesity always happens as a result of causes in addition to other assisting factors:
    No physical activity; when the person is inactive, he not burns the accumulated calories on a daily basis.     Unhealthy eating habits; eating high calories foods such as fast foods, not having breakfast, having the main meal  at the night, carbonated beverages and power drinks.     Pregnancy; during the period of pregnancy, the weight increases normally, making it sometimes difficult to be lost later after delivery.     Sleep Deprivation/ shortage; not sleep for 7 hours, negatively leading to physiological increase in hormones of excessive appetite.  You may need urgently to take high calories unhealthy food such as sweets, leading to excess weight.  

Some medications: may lead, without a diet or exercise, to increase weight, such as depression, epilepsy, diabetes, and Cortisone medications.    

Some diseases, may lead to obesity such as polycystic ovary, osteoarthritis of the knee, and Hypothyroid.


Obesity's Complications:    

If you are obese, you are mostly opposed to:

High cholesterol & Triglycerides     Diabetes     High blood pressure     Metabolic syndrome: high diabetes, pressure, Triglycerides, and cholesterol collectively.    

Heart disease Stroke Tumors: Ovarian, ovaries, cervix uteri, breast, colon, rectum, and prostates.  

 Sleep apnea and respiratory problems Depression Gallbladder disease    Women diseases:  sterility and Menstrual cycle disorder.    

Male diseases and erection issues.    

Liver cirrhosis  Osteoarthritis Skin issues such as injuries healing difficulty.

Daily life:

 Because you are fatty, your daily life will be different than others; despite it is varying from one to another; however you will be, in general, unable to exercise the activities that the others do. Also, you will note that you have no desire to participate in the public occasions.

Getting appointment:

  Talking to our specialists and getting medical consultation on your obesity will enable you to pass the surgery safely and easily.

What you can do?

    Paying due care to the obesity is mainly the first step in the right direction. One of other things you can do is to set appointment with our elite of obesity consultants, a member of Canadian Association of Bariatric Surgeons and Canadian Fellowship in the same field.       You are kindly advised to answer some questions before visiting the physician in order to go to the next step.

Why do I unable to control my weight?

    What are the health problems I suffer and associated to the obesity?     How can I overcome the obstacles of the daily hyperactivity?     What are the proposed options for reducing my weight? What is the best one?     Is this procedure suitable for me?     Is the medical consultation useful for the obesity procedure?





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